The WIT ONE Everywhere NetworkTM is a Federated Global Content, Application and Enterprise IT Delivery Network powered by Service Provider’s and the WIT ONE Everywhere CloudTM. WIT ONE helps its Service Provider partners close the capacity gap, deliver next generation applicaitons and; monetize the cloud, content & enterprise IT revolution!


How do you ask? Through OPEN CACHING and strategic partnerships with SERVICE PROVIDERS. OPEN CACHING is a new open architecture developed and endorsed by the STREAMING VIDEO ALLIANCE that offers a platform which federates content delivery infrastructure inside service provider networks into a global CDN with OPEN APIs for content publishers. When you need low latency, high quality delivery from deep within last mile ISP networks, open caching is the answer. We’ve created a new way to deliver content and it’s only possible through our partnerships with service providers.

Instead of using content servers placed by CDN operators at public clouds, IXP's or the core side of service provider networks, OPEN CACHING utilizes ISP-embedded servers placed at the access side of their network. The outcome is network offload and cost savings for the ISP by placing content close to end users. This gives content publishers unmatched performance and cost. OPEN CACHING is a transformational model in which both service providers and publishers win.

Business Outcomes for Service Providers

  • Leverage the unique value of delivery at the edge of your network to monetize in-demand low latency cloud and content delivery services
  • Maximize current investments in infrastructure, transport and transit capacity while shifting to a cloud-edge architecture
  • Deliver cloud services, over-the-top 3rd party content as well as your own managed content, all on one co-managed infrastructure
  • Gain the visibility and control you need to fully optimize content delivery resources accross your distributed network
  • Generate immediate new revenue from already exsisting global commercial agreements as well as all future ones

Business Outcomes for Content Publishers

  • Low latency, high-quality content delivery from deep within last mile service provider networks, avoiding all current bottlenecks
  • Collaborative planning sessions with service providers to acheive lowest cost for delivery and dedicated capacity to meet your peak requirements
  • Strategic technology planning sessions with our software and hardware development teams to ensure all future feature requirements are met
  • Streamlined operations model with a single point of contact to manage and strengthen relationships with regional service providers, globally
  • Support from service provider marketing departments to help with subscriber adoption campaigns & retention strategies

If you are an Service Provider, Content Publisher, or Application Provider and are interested in receiving more information, please fill out the contact form below or give us a call.

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